School Improvement Team (SIT Team)

School Improvement Team is a group of parents and staff who get together throughout the year to share information and feedback about our school.  This helps us as a building to get feedback from families and partner together to make decisions for our school.

Parent Team members:  Kim Gust 4th, Kevin Maas 3rd & 5th, Lindsay Johnson 3rd, Kacie Ferrazzo 2nd, Tami Nun K, 2nd & 5th, Rene Pretorius-Parks  2nd & 5th, Jenny Sachau 3rd, Andy Westcott 1st

Principal: Roberta Deremer 

Staff Development Facilitators: Megan Christensen and Jessica Lee 

Action Plan 1 Leader: Crystal Cizek and Heather Real

Action Plan 2 Leaders: Savannah Dinslage and Jessica Lee 

Action Plan 3 Leader: Megan Christensen